An industry-leading software provider

Software Automation International Limited (SAIL) was formed in the United Kingdom, by 3 individuals in 2003, to develop a product that would revolutionize clerical work, on a global level. Our aim was to deliver a system based on the belief that most of the regular work carried out by administration staff could be defined in a workflow and then performed automatically. This would increase efficiency, improve quality and massively reduce costs.

“With the current credit squeeze, technology holds a vital key to the necessary restructuring and streamlining of businesses. SAIL Solutions dramatically increases efficiency and improves the quality of all regular business processes – quite remarkably reducing costs and significantly increasing profits.

Have a look – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

The company’s development of the SAIL Solutions more than fulfills the aspirations of the directors, with the delivery of even more powerful applications than they ever imagined possible.
Welcome to a new world, where all regular, clerical work, formerly carried out by teams of administration staff all over the world, can be done immediately, without any human intervention. A world where every system can be integrated with another, to perform those boring and repetitive tasks which we all hate, but currently spend endless hours doing…..welcome to the world of SAIL Solutions.


 A remarkable team

Drawn from the financial services, pensions, and software development industries, SAIL Solutions employs a team of fully qualified, industry professionals who share our vision for SAIL and its products.


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