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Making data entry a breeze…

Many processes start with a form. If these forms are paper based, or simply printable PDFs, then the data has to be re-keyed into a system. The paper forms can be complex for the customer to use too, with ‘conditions’ and ‘for office use’ sections.


SAIL Solutions offers an easy to use form builder which is interactive. The data entered is captured and is automatically validated before updating your systems, without the need for API coding or any programming skills. Forms are also ‘managed’, so that they are passed between required staff to extend the initial entries.


Of course, this means more accurate data; no re-keying of data; faster processing; a better ‘image’ for your business; and best of all – more profits through staff cost savings and collection of premiums/fees.



When SAIL Solutions first launched SAIL Nova for our clients to create and automate their business processes, we quickly found that a large number of clients started processes with pieces of paper. We needed an affordable solution that would allow SAIL Nova to capture the data electronically, through on-line forms available on any browser, or mobile device.


The solution to this problem was the development of SAIL Formation, which is a Cloud based SAAS application for SAIL clients.

If you prefer, the SAIL Solutions team will set up your forms for you. We also offer a hosting service for your forms on our secure Cloud Server. We give you each URL address for the forms so that you can add them to your website or applications.

Your customers complete the intelligent forms from any browser and then print sign and submit them to you. You can authorise, add to, print and even forward the form and data to other users. You can have the data emailed to you, or download it in your chosen format. This data can be automatically and seamlessly added to your office systems, with validation controls.


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