SAIL Nova Process Management Software

A new world in administration

SAIL Nova is the flagship product of SAIL Solutions and differentiates us from other software providers. SAIL Nova is a software application that binds together all your data, applications, reports, letters and processing into easily established, automated tasks.


SAIL Nova is unlike any other system available – it does not try to replace chosen applications, but instead helps you use and enhance them to their full potential, by improving accuracy, quality and speed of delivery.


There are an endless number of uses for SAIL Nova, which is like your body’s blood vessels and central nervous system, making the vital organs in your body function efficiently.



The terms ‘straight through processing’, ‘workflow’, ‘automation’, ‘business process management’ and ‘integration’ have been in existence for many years and most people have their own idea of what is meant by them. The reality is that, whilst there are some applications designed to provide aspects of these concepts, none has been available which combines all of them into a single system. The SAIL team set themselves the challenge of developing software that would carry out all the regular work in a business automatically and efficiently.


The solution developed to achieve all of this and more is SAIL Nova.

SAIL Nova can be run on any network and is available in either a desktop or enterprise version. The desktop will run on most modern PCs, whilst the enterprise edition runs in an n-tier environment and is wholly scaleable for the medium and large sized clients.


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