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So just how is a piece of software possibly able to complete a piece of work currently carried out by humans- surely it can’t be a substitute for our powerful brains?


Well actually, yes it can; so long as the rules, validations and authorisations are defined within the SAIL Nova tools and the data used is contained on a computer rather than a piece of paper. There are thousands of tasks where this is just so and it is these jobs which you can automate.


Let’s face it, much of the clerical work we do is the same every time we do – it is just the details which are different. Processing an application or claim form always means entering the individuals details, running a few processes; checking the details, sending a letter or email and updating a database or two.


Sure, the staff would use their senses to check the form is complete and reasonable, but the actual checks they do can be quantified and suitable queries written to do the same thing.


Detailed below, you will find 3 real cases where SAIL Nova has been deployed to save businesses vast sums of money and time – improving the quality of the services they offer.



Case Study 01: A UK Insurance Company

An insurance company employs 60 staff to process policy applications received from customers. The staff employed check and enter the personal details on the application form into a software product and issue a policy document, with a covering letter to the individuals.

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Case Study 02: A Global Hotel Group

A company with 200 hotels around the world have payrolls at each hotel that deduct pension contributions from their staff each month. These pension contributions have to be collected at a central administration office and then passed to an investment manager. This administration is complicated by the fact that staff leave, join or transfer between hotels regularly.

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Case Study 03: A Caribbean Bank

A leading Caribbean bank, with branches across the islands, has introduced a new savings product where the public can set up an account, choose an investment portfolio and pay into the account whenever they wish. SAIL was asked to help automate this process.
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This post is also available in: Spanish

This post is also available in: Spanish